Polis, Cyprus

The Final Frontier... Located in the north west of Cyprus, the area surrounding Polis is officially part of the Paphos administrative region. In common with the rest of Cyprus these localities have enjoyed the benefits of inbound tourism and interest from home buyers looking for their 'place in the sun' - but perhaps less so than the high profile settlements in and around Paphos town - or Protaras, Agia Napa and the Larnaca Bay coastal villages in the east. The effect has been to carve out a geographic 'niche' for the Polis area that is distinct from towns and villages closer to the 'hub' of Paphos town to the south.

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Sitting on the cusp of Chrysohou Bay and close to the picturesque fishing port of Latsi, Polis is at the heart of a unique blend of mountains, sea and plain that comes complete with a healthy climate. Winters are mild and warm - and clear seas caress the unspoilt sandy beaches.

It draws these qualities from its close proximity to the Akamas Peninsula - the last wilderness area in Cyprus with extensive forest areas, nature trails, horse riding and home to the breeding grounds of rare turtles. Polis is truly a select destination and ideal for those seeking solace in a crowded world. The character of surrounding villages is defined by its people and heritage - welcoming, hospitable and enjoying a pace of life the big cities left behind a long time ago. Of course there is acknowledgement to the needs of modern living but on their terms. Cyprus is a modern European society and the Polis area is in accord with that ethos. So banks, pharmacies, shops, a hospital and an eclectic mix of tavernas, bars, and cafes are all woven into the fabric of everyday life in this 'enclave'.

Nature's Way... Living in harmony with others and having respect for the natural environment is the key to being part of this relatively undiscovered 'region' of Cyprus. Enjoying watersports, exploring nature trails and sharing the companionship of friends - old and new - are the privileged gifts of making your 'place in the sun' a home in Polis. Luxury describes not just the style and quality of property you can call your own - it also defines a way of life that cannot be measured in financial terms alone.

Naturally, Paphos and its full range of retail, social and cultural amenities is there for the asking - just 30 minutes away. Or, if you prefer, you can 'tee off' at the Tsada or Aphrodite Hills golf courses on the northern and eastern approaches to Paphos. With Paphos International Airport just 45 minutes away, all of what Polis has to offer is so near - and not so far away. The choice is yours - so what will you do?

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